BOOM! LendoChain: the new DeFi platform is here

LendoChain is a new ‘beginner friendly’ DeFi platform that brings you everything DeFi in a single account. You can use it on the web or on your mobile.

You have never seen anything like this platform before — not in crypto and not in DeFi!

And now it is live and waiting for you to join. And we’ve made joining as easy as possible.

What is LendoChain offering?

A whole world of DeFi in one place is what’s on offer from LendoChain:

· Borrowing/Lending crypto

· Buying/selling crypto

· E-wallets

· IBAN & cards for fiat & crypto

· BTC staking with insurance

· NFT Marketplace

· NFT borrowing/lending

· Fractional NFT ownership

· Stablecoins


IBAN & Card

Brings fiat & crypto together to send and receive funds via IBAN, & pay with card.

Buy & Sell Crypto

The app functions allow users to buy crypto with fiat via a card or bank transfer, plus an easy-to-use sell process, both at lower fees.

Send & Receive Crypto

The ability to send or receive crypto assets in the simplest way, with superfast transaction speed and the lowest network fee

DeFi Borrowing & Lending

An outstanding DeFi feature that is enhanced by two powerful DeFi platforms, AAVE & Compound.

Crypto Wallets

LendoChain offers institutional-grade secure wallets for the storage of cryptocurrency. Non-custodial wallet feature being added


A high security, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange for all your trading needs & allows you to use global P2P transactions at very competitive prices.

LendoChain really does offer you with everything you need to simply and safely manage your crypto and fiat in one place. Who else offers you that? And gives you an IBAN and cards for spending, as well as the opportunity to make your crypto give you a passive income through DeFi lending, borrowing and staking.

Visit and sign up for your LendoChain account — where you can manage both fiat and crypto in one easy-to-use place. It’s the future of money management!



LendoChain is a DeFi platform offering a suite of crypto-related services

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