Collect virtual toilet rolls in new crypto game

The coronavirus pandemic has landed us all in what many people are simply calling ‘weird times’. It is affecting every aspect of life, and as Cointelegraph points out, even “crypto companies are replacing their high profile ads with low budget posts in an effort to combat the rising pandemic.”

It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that in a number of countries, people flocked to supermarkets in advance of government-imposed restrictions, and went mad stocking up on toilet rolls, so much so that it has spawned a gazillion comic memes on the subject.

That aside, and more seriously, we should all #stayathome and #savelives, and to help some combat the possible boredom of isolation, Triffic, a free augmented reality game which rewards players with cryptocurrency, is doing their part to promote social distancing among their user base.

The startup announced on Twitter on 26th March that the game’s beta users can now collect limited indoor special items, such as toilet rolls, hand sanitizers, and facemasks, and that by participating, users could help raise money to help fight COVID-19.

The company said: “Triffic is raising up to $10,000 for COVID-19 Response by donating GPSTokens every time a beta user collects an AugmentedReality, toilet roll, hand sanitizer or #facemask.”

The company’s goal is to donate to an important cause while promoting the beta test of their game at the same time. They said: “Who wouldn’t want to collect virtual toilet papers instead of Pokemons, right?”

In other news, it is also noticeable that crypto payments are increasing during the pandemic, and it has encouraged Italy’s Banco Sella to launch a Bitcoin trading service to help facilitate international money transfers.

We’d also like to recommend the Wincoins game while you are practising social distancing and isolation — it’s another great way to pass the time, and Lendo members can use their ELT to play.

Stay safe everyone — and please stay at home.



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