From banker to DeFi advisor: MsCryptoMom aims to lead people out of poverty

Brenda Gentry used to be a mortgage underwriter based in Texas. Now she’s
known as MsCryptoMom and runs Gentry Media Productions, a firm that advises decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible token (NFT) projects. This move from being a banker to her current job was inspired by her initial investments from early 2020 that confirmed for her the “unprecedented opportunities offered by crypto.”

Gentry only started buying crypto during the first lockdown of 2020, when she bought Bitcoin, Ethereum and Link on Coinbase. She told Cointelegraph, “When I started, I almost gave up multiple times. Now I just want to help others have a more streamlined way to get into crypto.” Alongside her investments, she started studying DeFi, and this led her to investing in altcoins. She saw that the market was complex for the average person, and started posting educational content through her website, adding: “I’m also hosting seminars to educate the general public about navigating in this space and things to look out for when searching for good NFT projects or DeFi tokens, and also how to quickly detect scams or rug pulls.”

Encouraged by her family, Gentry then became the new owner of Bundlesbets, a DeFi platform dedicated to sports betting, but her main aim in the crypto world is to ensure nobody gets left behind. Cointelegraph reports, “Gentry intends to help accelerate breaking down the generational curses of poverty around the world.” For starters, she has plans to visit Kenya this year to equip her nonprofit organization Educate a Child “with knowledge about this new asset class and the opportunities that blockchain technology affords.”

Gentry’s younger daughter and business partner Imani, has also been reaching out to the younger generations. She believes crypto will be the future reality, and she has some advice for younger people: “Take time to learn and get involved in the space, and even teach your parents, siblings and others, as blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are disruptive technologies that will require a major paradigm shift in the way we currently think about centralized finance
and fiat money.”



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