Lendochain January Newsletter

2 min readJan 31


Dear LendoChain Member

Finally, we are almost ready for launch!

We trust that you are keeping well and are well on your way to achieving your goals for the year. We are excited to let you know that we have completed the development of LendoChain NFT Marketplace and are currently subjecting it to internal testing for quality assurance.

We are currently in the process of carrying out the following key tests on the platform:

● Functional testing, which is the process of testing each function of the software to ensure it works as intended.

● Load testing, which involves testing the platform’s ability to handle increased workload, such as a high number of users accessing the platform simultaneously.

● Performance testing, which involves measuring the platform’s response time and resource usage under normal and peak load conditions.

Finally, we are carrying out security tests which involve evaluating the platform’s security mechanisms and identifying any vulnerabilities.

Once the internal tests are done and the team is convinced that the platform is ready for roll-out, we will send out a notification to all our users, notifying them on how they can join the Lendochain marketplace.

Our platform will be disruptive in the NFT marketplace, and we are excited about the new features and products that have been added to the platform.

One notable product is the introduction of Carbon Credit NFTs — allows users to purchase NFTs that can be used for carbon trading.

We are also working on a host of other features and products that we are sure will prove popular to our users.

Be on the lookout for our emails as we keep you updated on progress made.

Lendochain Team




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