Metamask Adds Feature to Track Price of NFTs

Metamask recently announced the addition of an NFT price estimator on their platform. This feature has been added in partnership with NFT bank. NFT bank is a portfolio manager that provides tools that can be used for valuing NFTs. In a tweet, Metamask stated that users can now check on the price estimates of NFTs on their platform with an accuracy level of about 90%.

“Estimates are powered by NFT bank and their unique algorithm can provide estimates with 90% accuracy”

stated the company in the tweet.

This new feature only works with estimates on the Ethereum Mainnet with plans to onboard another networking future.

To access this feature, you’ll need to open an account with Metamask. Once logged in, proceed to the portfolio dapp section. Basically, this is a section where all the assets within your portfolio have been listed- both tokens and NFTs. You’ll get to see the total balance of your assets in this section. You then need to toggle the NFT section on your page so you can view the NFT assets. If you hover over an NFT and click on it, its features and details will be made visible. Some of these features are assets floor price and its estimated price.

However, even with the launch, some users seem discontented with this new feature. There seems to be a problem with the computed estimates .@NateAlex, a Twitter user, said:

“This feature only shows values for the last 100 NFTs. The estimates are also not accurate.”

Some users also claim that their NFTs have been grossly undervalued. It seems this is an anomaly that will need to be fixed as more users are onboarded. Other users think it is a valuable feature and it is bound to help them get real valuations of their NFTs before they can sell them.



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