Nokia uses the metaverse to connect remote breweries and train aircraft technicians

2 min readFeb 21, 2023

Many companies have been jumping on the metaverse bandwagon, but Nokia has proved to be the winner. It has been working on industrial use cases for the metaverse for a while, which is rare.

Nokia has been using the metaverse to tap into the advantage of remote workers. That is why it can connect remote breweries on extreme ends of the globe and train aircraft technicians in isolated airports using the technology.

According to Nokia’s CTO Robert Joyce, Nokia already has two labs to study the metaverse and the technologies that underpin it.

In 2022, Nokia partnered with the Australian University of Technology Sydney. Its goal was to use the metaverse to deliver a 5G-connected microbrewery. The brewery tech lab researchers in Sydney collaborated with researchers from Dortmund University Germany to work on it using augmented reality(AR) technology.

According to Robert, the researchers do not necessarily brew beer, but they play around with the process, temperature, timings, and volumes, then the digital twin completes the brewing process. They try to perfect brewing in the digital space through the digital twin.

In South Australia, the CTO revealed that Nokia uses the metaverse to help Cessna aircraft technicians in remote airports. They do the virtual help or training using audio instructions that tell you what to do. This is made possible through augmented reality and a 5G-connected Microsoft holo lens.

According to Nokia’s global chief strategy and technology officer Nishant Batra, the metaverse will impact more industries than the consumer market. He revealed this at the World Economic Forum(WEF).

So far, some ports are taking advantage of the digital twins to track the containers on their docks. He mentioned that aerospace companies are already building engines and fuselages in the digital world to control how aircraft will fly.

According to Robert, it may take a while before the consumer metaverse is fully embraced. Companies will be open to spending on the industrial metaverse, given the benefits that come with them. He believes blockchain will play an important role when payments are involved, as blockchain is a distributed ledger.




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