Party to Earn Tokens — Party as you Earn!

2 min readNov 15, 2022


Party to Earn Tokens (P2ET) are a new type of tokens that allow users to earn rewards for participating in online party games. P2ET uses smart contracts to track and distribute rewards.

Party to Earn Tokens works by rewarding users for their participation activities-both online and offline. The more activity a user completes, the more tokens they will earn. You can redeem these tokens for rewards, such as gift cards or cash.

Some common activities that can earn partygoers tokens include:

  • Registering for an event
  • Passing a quiz or survey about an event
  • Attending an event
  • Referring friends to an event
  • Participating in activities at an event

Accessing Party to Earn Tokens

Users must first register for an account on a P2ET website to earn rewards. Once registered, they can join an existing party or create their own. Parties can be public or private and can last for any time.

Users earn rewards for completing games and tasks. Rewards are distributed based on the difficulty of the task and the number of players in the party. The more complicated the task and the more players in the party, the higher the reward.

Companies Currently Offering this Token?

Several companies are currently offering Party to Earn Tokens. Some of the more well-known include:

Loyakk — It is a company that offers a blockchain-based platform for businesses to collaborate and share data securely.

BitScreener — It provides real-time screening of digital assets.

Tip Blockchain — A company that rewards people for tipping others with its tokens.

Each company has its own set of rules and regulations. Loyakk is only offering its tokens to accredited investors within the United States, while Epik Token is accepting investments from all countries except China and South Korea.

As blockchain gets mainstream, we are bound to see more ingenious products coming up all in an effort to rope the global fabric into blockchain technology. This is beneficial to the tech ecosystem and further entrenches blockchain technology into the society-Party to Earn tokens are one way in which we are steadily achieving this goal.




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