The best countries for crypto fans

Crypto enthusiasts seeking an ideal lifestyle that supports their love of digital assets may be interested in a recent survey by, a crypto-friendly travel service. It looks at those places around the world where there are larger numbers of shops and retail outlets accepting cryptocurrency.

However, Cointelegraph reminds everyone, “as the world of crypto evolves and more crypto debit cards appear, crypto enthusiasts are realizing that direct crypto spending is not the only factor to consider when choosing a place to call home.”

Juan Otero, the CEO of commented, “nowadays, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have embraced a nomadic “decentralized way” of life, as cryptocurrencies allow them such levels of freedom,” and according to his company’s studies, the best countries for anyone looking for progressive crypto regulations, the top choices are Japan, Switzerland and Singapore.

YouTuber Vin Armani, who is known for founding CoinText, moved from the USA to Saipan. He said the reason for the move was, “the fear of being labeled “undesirable” by the “totalitarian tyranny” that he predicted was about to happen as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.” Saipan is in the US commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and has a population of just 52,000. Armani is concerned that the government could soon overstep its authority and use technology to restrict the use of crypto, and he claims that Covid-19 contact tracing apps could be the start of that. (We’d like to note that this is Armani’s claim, and is in no way a substantiated fact.)

Singapore appears to be the top spot for crypto enthusiasts. It is one of the few countries that support a policy of zero capital gains taxes on crypto income and its regulations are crypto friendly. Furthermore, it has a bout 40 shops that accept crypto payments.

But if the expensive lifestyle in Singapore is not what you’re looking for, then Australia, California, New Zealand, or even Liechtenstein or Sweden are other options.

Ultimately, for crypto enthusiasts, the smart move is to live in countries that are set to become the crypto powerhouses of the future.



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